Neil Wells

Affordable Website Solutions

Our range of web design packages are matched to your business needs and budget.

Database Integration Specialists

A database allows for easy storing and displaying of information. This can include inventory, mailing lists, etc.

Qualified Assurance

With qualifications in HTML, CSS, SQL, MySQL, PHP, Javascript and Composition we have the tools to provide you with the website to suit your requirements.

Q: Do you provide domain names or web hosting?

A: We don't actually provide these services, however we can assist you with your domain name and find a web hosting plan that suits your requirements.


Q: I already have a domain name and webhost. Can you use these?

A: Absolutely! You can bring your own domain name and/or web host plan. All we need is the log in deatails to your web host's CPanel, PHP MyAdmin and FTP areas.


Q: I have some artwork that I would like the website to look like. Can you use this?

A: We certainly can. Just provide us with your artwork/mock up and any images. We will then design a page to look the same.


Q: I already have a website and I would like to add a database. Can you assist with this?

A: We can help you with any of the steps of creating a database, from concept and design to construction and implementation:

A: - Designing the database and creating an ER diagram
A: - Construction of the database
A: - Implementation and Integration


Q: Do I need to understand databases to add, edit or delete items?

A: No, we will create simple forms for you. Simply complete the form and submit, the database will do the rest!


Q: After the website has been completed do you offer ongoing maintenance?

A: After the project is completed to your satisfaction we can provide continual maintenance charged at an hourly rate.

dynamic webpages

We'll assist you in designing dynamic pages, layout and design to meet your requirements.

database construction and maintenance

Databases can be confusing. Just tell us what you want and we'll do the rest.

domain name and hosting

We'll help you get the right domain name for your website and find the right hosting solution. If you already have a domain name and/or host.

mobile device compatibility

In today's world, more and more people browse the internet on their tablets and phones. Your website needs to be compatible with these devices.

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